Recent breakthrough in near-field vortex creation using a metasurface by Prof. C-.B Huang’s group is published in Nano Letters

Nanocavities inscribed in a gold thin film are optimized and designed to form a metasurface. We demonstrate both numerically and experimentally the creation of surface plasmon (SP) vortex carrying orbital angular momentum in the metasurface under linearly polarized optical excitation that carries no optical angular momentum. Moreover, depending on the orientation of the exciting linearly polarized light, we show that the metasurface is capable of providing dynamic switching between SP vortex formation or SP subwavelength focusing. The resulting SP intensities are experimentally measured using a near-field scanning optical microscope and are found in excellent quantitative agreements as compared to the numerical results.

C.-F. Chen, C.-T. Ku, Y.-H. Tai, P.-K. Wei, and C.-B. Huang*, “Creating optical near-field orbital angular momentum in a gold metasurface,” Nano Letters 15, 2746 (2015).