(5/21-5/25) Notification of Changing of Classrooms

Notification of Changing of Classrooms



It was previously scheduled that the air-conditioner would be equipped in the classroom R217, Delta building this week. However, R217 is still not available because of the delay of the delivery of the air-conditioner. Those who take the following courses need to be aware of the changes of the classrooms and have their classes at the assigned classrooms (Please refer to the arrangement below) from May 21st to May 25th. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience.


The followings are the changes of the classrooms:

1.           EE 214002           電磁學à請至資電館206教室
Electromagnetism àat R206, EECS Building

2.           COM 599200       資料科學特論:統計學習à請至資電館205教室
Special topic in data science: statistical learning àat R205, EECS Building

3.           PHYS 113405      普通物理Bà請至台達館215教室
General Physics B (I) àat R215, EECS Building

4.           MATH 102006     微積分Aà請至資電館206教室

5.           EE 201002           常微分方程à星期二下午請至台達館215教室 Ordinary Differential Equations à at R206, EECS Building (on Tuesdays afternoon)

à星期四下午請至資電館105教室                                  at R206, EECS Building (on Thursday afternoon)

6.           EE 206000           離散數學à請至資電館206教室
Discrete Mathematics  à   at R206, EECS Building

7.           EE 306002           機率à請至資電館206教室
Probability  à    at R206, EECS Building

8.           EE 366000           數位訊號處理概論à請至資電館206教室
Introduction to Digital Signal Processing à at R206, EECS Building

9.           ENE 690200        邏輯非揮發性記憶體特論à請至資電館206教室
Special Topics on Logic Non-Volatile Memory  à at R206, EECS Building

10.       IPT 591100          書報討論à請至資電館206教室
Seminar à at R206, EECS Building